Obam can’t get enough of House of Cards

A few days ago US President Barack Obama sent out a warning to his 41.


5 million followers on Twitter.

It wasn’t about a possible terror attack.

It had nothing to do with the many vital issues facing the US and the rest of the world.

The leader of the free world wrote: “Tomorrow: @HouseOfCards. No spoilers, please”.

Obama, like most politicians in Washington DC, and many in Canberra, is a devoted fan of the political-drama-thriller TV series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

The president sent the tweet on the eve of the airing of House of Cards’ second season.

“Yeah, they love it,” a smiling Spacey said when asked about the feedback he receives from politicians in Washington DC.

The series is set in the American capital and follows power couple Francis Underwood (Spacey) and his wife Claire (Wright), the head of a clean water non-profit, as they plot their way to the top job in the White House, destroying careers and lives along the way.

Underwood and his wife also engage in bedroom romps, just not with each other.

Season one began with Underwood, a Democrat Congressman from South Carolina who held the strong arm position of House Majority Whip, being passed over for the Secretary of State job by incoming president, Garett Walker (Michel Gill).

The Underwoods want revenge, and get it.

When the first season ended, the vendetta, that led to the murder of an alcoholic, prostitute-loving congressman and the demise of many foes, puppet master Underwood emerged from the carnage not only unscathed, but with the president offering him the vice president’s job.

Wright often asks politicians what is the most implausible part of the show?

“Verbatim a politician said to me, ‘You’d never get an education bill passed that quickly’,” Wright, 47, laughed.

House of Cards is based on the British TV mini-series of the same name that was inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Richard III, with the US series headed by two-time Oscar nominated director David Fincher.

“I like that he gets shit done,” Spacey, speaking about Underwood, said.

“I think he is an extraordinary character.”

Spacey, the 54-year-old New Jersey-born double Oscar-winning actor, has been involved in politics most of his life.

He stuffed envelopes as a teenager for President Jimmy Carter, worked on the presidential campaigns for Ted Kennedy and John Anderson and regularly assisted President Bill Clinton before, during and after he was in the White House.

Wright was offered the role of the equally lethal Claire while working with Fincher in Stockholm on the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

“It was a Sunday – our only day off,” Wright recalled.

“David said, ‘Come down and have coffee with me. I have a proposition for you’.

“I said, ‘It better be good’.

“He basically sold me on this Lady Macbeth idea, ‘What would be your interest in playing Lady Macbeth to Kevin Spacey’s Richard the Third’ and I said, ‘Ohhhh, tell me more’.”

House of Cards airs on Foxtel’s Showcase on Saturday 8.30pm AEDT, or the whole second season is available on Foxtel Go.